Paris Saint- Germain


Factory8384 worked with global football powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain to design, create, and manufacture the U.S. tour pop-up experience, art show, food truck and merchandise to accompany the tour. From a skate park to BMX bikes and ping pong tables, Factory8384 worked with its Miami network to create multiple pop-ups around the city. This collaboration brought together top talent to create an authentic experience throughout Miami. As custom, limited-edition Nike PSG air max 90 and limited t-shirts went on sale at Shoe Gallery, Coyo Taco introduced a French-inspired PSG food truck, and Andrew Skate Shop released a limited-run skate deck.

This wide-scale collaboration combined the best of Miami and SPG to create a true connection between city and team.
The multi-faceted approach attracted a wide group of fans, and gave them plenty of reason to stick around.

The main pop-up hub was located in Wynwood, the new cultural hub of Miami. We hosted a special e-sports event, an art gallery opening, and a pop-up launch party at the skate park where the players and staff could come together with fans.