Evolution of Excellence


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar exudes excellence. From his early days as an advocate for equal rights to his extraordinary basketball accomplishments, Kareem has been a beacon of light for the entire world. Kareem set the bar for excellence on the court and off with passion for school, art, music, and social justice.

With the collaboration of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Factory 8384, and Adidas, we honored Kareem's legacy with an exclusive collection: Evolution of Excellence. This limited run included three different pairs of sneakers, a custom varsity/coaches jacket, and custom packaging. The sneakers tell the story of Kareem's career before, during, and after his basketball career, each pair defining an era of his legacy: 1. Alpha, 2. Accolades 3. Legacy.
Three limited-edition kicks were created to honor Kareem's excellence on and off the basketball court. Each pair had a remarkable story and connected the world with unique parts of Kareem's life.
When LeBron passed Kareem's scoring record, we took center court. Kareem wore the Adidas Originals letter jacket and shoes in the moment, which garnered 85 million impressions across digital and traditional platforms, generating more than $745,000 in media value.